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Concrete ratio and calculation for ready mixed concrete batching plant

The main ingredients for the concrete are cement,sand,stone and water. The concrete laboratory ratio of these four raw materials is 1:2.12:4.37:0.62.If the water contain of the sand is 3%, the Mass of the sand is calculated as 2.12*(1+3%)=2.18.If the water contain of the stone is 1%, the Mass of the sand is calculated as 4.37*(1+1%)=4.41, but the Mass of the water should be calculated as 0.62-2.12*3%-4.37*1%=0.52.So the concrete construction ratio is 1:2.18:4.41:0.52. The capacity 1 liter is equal to 0.001 cubic meters. If the output capacity of the concrete mixer is 250L,it can also be calculated as 0.25m3.Because the weight of cement needed for concrete per cubic meters is 290 kg, the actual cement needed for volume 0.25 m3 is 0.25*290KG=72.5KG. Therefore, the weight construction ratio of the four raw materials concrete is: cement,sand,stone,water is 1:2.18:4.41:0.52=72.5KG:158.05KG:319.73KG:37.7KG. Camelway Machinery can provide various productivity ready mixed concrete batching plants that are specialized in the concrete ratio and calculation. The batching machine in the concrete batching plant can mix the cement,sand,stone,water accurately according to the concrete ratio.


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