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Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump at Best Price on Sale

The diesel concrete pumps supplied by Camelway Group of various capacities, from 20 to 90 m³/h, have proven themselves not only in China, but also all over the world in past 5 years.

High quality of assembly and assemblies guarantee reliability and long service life, and simplicity and ergonomics - allow you to use it anywhere - a completely autonomous power supply system built on diesel fuel. It is used on various construction sites, in the construction of bridges and roads, urban construction and in places where there is no electricity.

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  • The double open hydraulic circuit makes the system easy to maintain and understandable, and the service life is significantly increased.
  • The system is safe, independent of the terrain, with automatic shutdown at low pressure. The radiator is used to prevent overheating of the system, it is impossible to exceed 70 degrees operating temperature.
  • Electrical system based on German OMRON - wireless remote control of the machine. Hydraulic oil is involved in the lubrication of parts, this ensures long piston performance.
  • The design of the S-valve and the hopper is done using computer simulations to prevent mechanical damage. Unique agitator shape, split position of the hydraulic motor from the agitator bearings.

Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump for Sale

We are one of the professional diesel concrete pump manufacturers in China. The equipment was designed in accordance with international standards (ISO9001) and has a diesel engine of the Internationally renowned brands (can be specified by you).

On construction sites where there is no electricity, a diesel concrete pump will be the best choice!


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