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Factory price 3m 6m 9m screw conveyor supplier in China

With 34 years of manufacturing experience and billions of screw conveyor installation and testing, Camelway machinery has become the professional screw conveyor manufacturer.We can customize type of screw conveyor according to customers' actual needs.

Characters of screw conveyor made by CamelWay Machinery:

1.High delivery efficiency: It adopts the new hanging intermediate suspension bearing frame to increase the material transport space, reducing the logistics resistance, coupled with small diameter, high speed and variable pitch design, to ensure smooth and uniform feeding.

2. Free layout: Shell adopts high-quality seamless steel pipe, making it a whole by connection. Horizontal and large dip can be continuous transmission, can be fixed with the ancillary equipment, without foundation to make full use of space.

3. Diversified link: Connect the inlet and the outlet of flange connection, bag connection, bag boom connection, universal connection and other forms of option.

4. Reliable sealing: Shell pipe joints with anti-seepage device, the process hole has been carefully designed to avoid the infiltration of water caused by the cement caking caused by blocking material.

5. No need to add oil: As a result of the use of a new intermediate bearing material, both anti-friction, wear and self-lubricating, even if long-term use without adding lubricants, grease and cement can be mixed on the shaft and shaft side effects.

6. Special gear reducer: Our company's specific production of the reducer design is advanced and reasonable, with small size, light weight, torque, fast speed, no oil, no noise and other advantages, and has a retreat structure, can be applied to large thrust thrust.


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