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Many users will ask these questions, what is different between concrete mixer types? Which one is better? In fact, as a manufacturer of concrete equipment, it is necessary for exists of each model of concrete mixer. Actually, each concrete mixer model has its different special β€œsecret”.

JS Series Twin shaft Concrete Mixer

JS Series Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is mainly composed of a casing, a screw shaft assembly, a driving device, piping, a cover plate, a chain cover and other components. The shell is mainly composed of steel, welded and formed in the manufacturing, and assembled with other parts, which is the support of the twin-shaft concrete mixer. The shell is tightly sealed, and there is no phenomenon of flying ash and ash leakage. JS series twin-shaft forced concrete mixer has the advantages of convenient water addition control, large mixing power, low power consumption, and high efficiency. This kind of mixer is mainly used in concrete batching plants because of the high degree of automation and good mixing quality. Concrete mixers for engineering use are forced twin-shaft concrete mixers, including JS series twin-shaft concrete mixers and JDC series concrete mixers. Their working method is to cooperate with the concrete batching machine, with simple and efficient operation and good production quality.

JZM Series Drum Concrete Mixer

JZM Series Drum Concrete Mixer

The JZM series drum concrete mixer is driven by the friction wheel of the rubber tug, so that the stability coefficient is high, the transmission is stable, and the noise is low. And its operate method is forward mixing and reverse discharging. Usually, it suitable for general construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects and small and medium-sized concrete component factories.

JZC Series Concrete Mixer

JZC Series Concrete Mixer

JZC series concrete mixer is currently various models and widely used concrete mixers in this world. It also has diesel type and electric type. JZC diesel concrete mixer has the characteristics of both electricity and diesel. It is specially designed for some places where electricity is inconvenient. It is very suitable for export; JZC ladder concrete mixer has a climbing ladder up to 17-25 meters. This saves concrete conveying equipment, which is very convenient. The common feature both of them is: the mixing drum is driven by the gear ring, the mixing drum is rotating forward mixing, and the material discharging is reversed. This concrete mixer can mix plastic and semi-dry concrete with beautiful appearance, light weight. It generally suitable for construction sites, roads, bridges, hydropower and other projects and small and medium-sized concrete construction plants. It also has diesel type and electric type.


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