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Different Concrete Batching Plant Model for sale

Concrete batching plant is one of the concrete machinery equipment, and it does have a lot of model type. It is very necessary for users to understand differences between different models of concrete batching plant. In this article, we will mainly discuss it.

Different Concrete Batching Plant Model for sale

Large and medium-sized concrete batching plants include commercial types and engineering plants. The engineering concrete batching plant mainly includes HZS60, HZS75, and HZS90. Commercial types include HZS120, HZS180, and HZS240. In addition, there is a small concrete batching plant includes HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, etc.

Similarity of Different Concrete Batching Plant Model

No matter which model types of concrete batching plant, their batching machines are adopting PLD series concrete batching machines. And forced twin-shaft central concrete mixers are requirement equipment because they are very suitable for PLD series batching machines.

Difference of Different Concrete Batching Plant Model

  • Configuration features. Small concrete batching plant has two different configurations. One is simple concrete batching plant configuration with a centralized control system, and another one is standard concrete batching plant configuration with fully automatic control system. For high production concrete batching plant, they all adopt fully automatic control system.
  • Central mixer model and quantity. No matter small concrete batching or bigger concrete batching plant, they all use JS series twin-shaft central mixer (probably few of them come with JDC series mixer). However, different model type mixing plant have different model of central mixer, and the quantity of them is different as well depending on situation.

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