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Concrete Batching Plant in Jakarta

Concrete Batching Plant for sale in Jakarta

RMC: It is a well-known fact that your company sells a huge number of concrete batching plants, if I am not mistaken, the concrete batching plant is close to 10 units in Jakarta.

How do you manage to stay ahead of your competitors in the Indonesian market struggle?

Camelway group: I would give 80% of the contribution to the success of the Camelway brand to the hard work and creativity of the Camelway factory team. Regardless of the crises in the global economy, new models of concrete plants appear every year. Together, we have made the concrete batching plant smaller, more mobile, quick to erect and reliable.

concrete batching plant in jakarta

KUKA concrete equipment automatic production line

In addition, manufacturing technology itself has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. KUKA (Germany) robots for welding and cutting were installed - there are already more than 10 of them. Now cement silos, aggregate bins, concrete mixers,PLD batching machine, augers are produced only with the function of personnel control.

Automatic production line of concrete batching plant

Investments in modernization of production allowed to increase production output (up to 500 concrete batching plants per year) and raise the quality of welded joints to a new level. Significant innovations were made in the segment of special equipment for the production of reinforced concrete batching plant products: high-precision dosage of materials in a concrete batching plant, lines for distributing concrete to molding equipment, lines for Vibrocompression of small-piece products and much more. Of course, this market is narrower in comparison with the market for concrete batching plants, but it is more knowledge-intensive and interesting in terms of development.

CAMELWAY concrete batching plant

Over the past 5-7 years, CAMELWAY from the leading supplier in China has earned the "shoulder straps" of the leading supplier of concrete batching plants in Europe. Today deliveries are carried out to more than 100 countries of the world, including Canada, Australia, France, England, Sweden, Germany. We record an increasing number of repeat orders from one client, which indicates the reliability of the equipment and high confidence in the brand.


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