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Dust collector installation at the cement silo top in the concrete batching plant

Two methods to install the dust collector at the cement silo top in the concrete batching plant:

1)The dust collector is composed of three parts. The bottom of the dust collector should be removed during installation.Weld the bottom ring on the tank,then install the dust collector body in the ring, and then tighten them with screws and hoop.

2)Weld the entire dust collector directly, this is also reliable and it is relatively simple.

Tips for installation of dust collector at the cement silo top in the concrete batching plant:

1)When lift the dust collector, pay attention to avoid touching the box and accessories.The bore diameter must be lower than that of the dust collector.

2)Connect to the induced draft fan.

3)Connect to the air compressor, and connect the soft connection to the dust collector gas tank.

4)Comprehensive check on the dust collector spare parts before installation. If there is any lack or damage,please replace it before installation.

5)Flange between the dust collector should be embedded with the seal filler to tighten the bolts.Ensure the box sealed and reliability to prevent air leakage.

6)Use the cloth dust filter but not the paper dust filter, otherwise it is easy to ignite when welded.

7)The cartridge should be installed perpendicular fixed in the dust collector.It should be installed compact and fixed to the cartridge.

8)The air bag and electromagnetic pulse valve should be connected and sealed reliable to prevent air leakage.

The installation of the dust collector on the cement silo top should be operated by the professional workers, otherwise there may occur many unexpected problems.


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