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Weekly check of the project concrete batch plant

Six tips for weekly check of the project batch plant:

1. Hand (Electric) oil pump needs to add lubrication, which will help the equipment works better.

2. The lubrication points must be carried out in lubrication work. (Note: The lubrication points are at the mixer discharge shaft, the storage hopper and weighing hopper door axis, tape transport, machine care wheel,roller, bearings, transmission chain, screw shaft, the bottom bearing and host gear department.)

3. Check the wear and tear on the blade, scraper and mixing arm, adjust the gap or replacement if necessary.

4. Check the vibrator connection bolts loose phenomenon.

5. Check the air compressor crankcase lubricating oil quality, replace if necessary.

6. Check the electrical contacts, and whether the intermediate relay static and dynamic contact is damaged or burned, and so on.

All above steps will guarantee your machine stay in a safety standard, which will also ensure your working efficiency with a perfect operation mode.


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