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Concrete Batching Plant for sale in Kabul, Afghanistan

Concrete Batching Plant for sale in Kabul,Afghanistan

CAMELWAY, with 36 years of experience in the production of concrete batching plant equipment, Kabul,Afghanistan project embodied its best developments and improvements in the manufacture of concrete batching plants.

Stationary concrete batching plant 90m3/h

The most powerful of the entire product line, the stationary concrete batching plant 90m3/h, made to order, is equipped with a large-volume Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer 1500/2000l with reinforced electric motors and mixing blades of a special section - this will make it possible to produce up to 90m3/h of heavy concrete with a density of 3400kg/cub.m.

concrete batching plant for sale in kabul afghanistan

Concrete Batching Plant equipment for sale

In addition, the complex of the concrete batching plant includes: an automated system for feeding inert materials with vibrating screens to ensure good quality and flowability of aggregates, a system for ready-mixed concrete, consisting of a large-volume hopper under the concrete mixer and a conveyor system for feeding concrete into the receiving chute of the pipe coating plant.

Delivery of concrete mixing plant

Part of the concrete remains unused during the coating process at the concrete batching plant - in order to reduce overall costs, a conveyor system for supplying waste concrete and a special hopper are provided, in which a part of such concrete is weighed and fed into the concrete mixer for reusing in production. The automatic control system of the concrete batching plant is integrated with the weight-coating plant and enables a smooth and continuous process. The entire set of equipment was designed, manufactured, delivered and put into operation in a record 3 months.

Camelway concrete batching plant

By offering its concrete batching plant engineering expertise and enormous manufacturing capabilities for such prestigious projects, CAMELWAY has proven time and again its strong position as a leader in the concrete batching plant sector. Such concrete batching plant projects require not only deep technical knowledge, but also wide experience, a competent team and a long-term vision.


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