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Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for sale in Philippines

Camelway committed market research, design, manufacturing, sale, service as the business model, and client cases are all over the world include so many companies from Philippines. Camelway has participated the supply of concrete batching plant about 30 projects in Philippines. In this article, we will discuss twin shaft concrete mixer in Philippines.

Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer for sale in Philippines

Difference between Twin Shaft Mixer and Traditional Concrete Mixer

The operating principle of traditional concrete mixer is rotation, which means the material rotates to higher position, then it will dropping down because of the gravity. Mixer repeats this action again and again to achieve the purpose of mixing. The twin shaft concrete mixer has a stationary drum with two horizontal shafts located inside. Twin Shaft mixer operate mixing rely on these two huge shafts, and these two shaft is able to mix concrete efficiently and accurately.

Advantages of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer

  • Abrasion Resistance. The operating principle of twin shaft concrete mixer is able to reduce the wear between blades, arms.
  • Working efficiently. Twin shaft concrete mixer could complete the mixing process within short time include filling, mixing and discharging.
  • Better mixing performance. The mixing power of twin shaft concrete mixer is stronger than traditional mixer. Therefore, all the material will be mixed completely without uneven segregation.
  • Easy maintenance. The twin shaft concrete mixer has long maintenance period. All you need to do is cleaning regularly.

Where to buy twin shaft concrete mixer in Philippines

Even the comprehensive performance of twin shaft concrete mixer is better than traditional mixer, but it does not mean you must choose twin shaft mixer, it all depend on your project requirement and project. In past decades, Camelway always focus on the quality of product, the motivation of creation, the level of service, and we have all kinds of concrete mixer. Don't hesitate to contact us by any chance.

The Price of Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer in Philippines

You could go to our twin shaft concrete mixer page to see the approximate price, and leaving your requirement and configuration. After receive your message, our customer service will contact you as soon as possible with detailed final price. In addition, here is twin shaft concrete mixer for Philippines branch's offical website.


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