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The step and program of the HZS75 concrete batching

The step and program of the HZS75 concrete batching The HZS75 concrete batching plant includes aggregate batching system, aggregate lifting system, cement storage, supply system, cement weighing system, water system, admixture system, gas system, mixing system, electrical control system, racks and other components.The installation steps of HZS75 concrete batching plant:1.Lift the concrete mixer(main mixer, chassis and so on), install the leg and place the bracing position;2.Install the escalator and each corridor;3.Install the track, and then lift the cement weighing system, admixture system and water system;4.Lift the carriage of aggregate batching system, then install the conveyor and storing metering system;5.Install the components of water supplying and admixture supplying;6.Lift the main controlling room, and place the leg position;7.Assembly all the components of cement on the ground, and then lift the cement, after tightening the bolt and wind cable rope, watering the concrete of bolt hole, and then remove the crane. 8.Assembly the screw conveyor in the ground, connect the feeding port with cement after lifting, and connect the outdoor with cement weighing hopper;9.Install the circuitry and and control circuit.10.Build the protective shed for concrete mixer.


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