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The features of tower crane

Features of tower crane There are two types of tower crane boom, horizontal and bar type. For the horizontal type, trolley runs along the horizontal boom is luffing, when luffing movement balance, the boom is long, but the boom itself is larger. When it is the bar type, luffing mechanism pitch luffing boom hoisting, luffing smooth horizontal movement is better, but its weight is smaller.Tower crane lifting capacity varies with the magnitude. The value obtained by multiplying of weight and extent as the load magnitude, which is the main technical parameters of this crane. By rotating mechanism and slewing, the tower crane's lifting height is large, and so does the inertial mass of rotation and working, they need a good speed of performance, particularly lifting mechanism required to light load fast, overloading slowly. In addition to using resistance to regulate the speed, but also often used eddy current brake, FM, pole-changing, SCR etc.Safety devicesTo ensure safety, tower crane has a good safety device, such as starting weighting limiter, amplitude limiter, height limiter and load moment limiter, etc. Stopper, and travel limit switches, overhead lights, anemometer, wind rail clamp, ladder ring body, walkways and railings. The driver's home must be comfortable, and easy to operate, with nice view and a voice communications equipment.


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