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Concrete mixing with the characteristics in CamelWay

Concrete mixing with the characteristics in CamelWay1.The controlling interface is beautiful and simple of the concrete batching plant, easy for the operation, and reports, statistics and other management functions are powerful, it's suitable for both sites concrete batching plant, but also commercial concrete batching plant; 2.There are automatic and manual two control modes of the commercial concrete batching plant controlling software;3.It can produce singly and continuously. After feeding the final set, it will start the next production;4.After discharging each of the material, it will proceed to the next dish of ingredients immediately.5.You can set up the feeding order, and delay time freely;6.Commercial concrete batching plant with the function of an automatic berth arch and automatic vibration;7.Commercial concrete batching plant with security indicator function of the powder storage;8.It can stop the product temporarily when something happened, and it can carry on after the difficulty is solved;9.The switch door of concrete mixer has pneumatic and hydraulic two types, and it can handle the intermediate stop automatically;10.One can modify the custom transport, including normal print and Printing two types.11.IPC is the centralized controlling mode, maintainable and scalable performance is good, which can quickly complete the user's special technological requirements;12.The cost-control software is high, particularly suitable for upgrading old equipment of various concrete batching plants.


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