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What is self-loading concrete mixer?

What is self-loading concrete mixer? It's one of the most oldest concrete mixer, and also can be called fall freely concrete mixer, which means the self-loading method when product the materials. It's easy to operate and maintain, and adapt to be used in the decentralized or centralized site.In working process, the mixing drums rotate around its horizontal axis, and lifted the certain height, by weight fall, then achieve the uniform mixing effect by cyclic moving. The structure of self-loading concrete mixer is simple, generally, it is based on stirred plasticity and half plastic. However, there are also some disadvantages: it requires a lot of labor to coordinate with delivery of materials, and the discharging time is longer, mixing drum cleaning is more difficult.The new machine should be in accordance with the required instructions before being used, and check the direction of rotation of the mixing tube or stirring leaves, the operation of the working device, brake, and then it can work well.


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