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The Advantages of Concrete Batching Plant

In recent years, construction in various regions of all over the world is in full swing. The demand for concrete has increased significantly. As we know, the concrete mixing plant could be divided into two types: one is continuous concrete mixing plant, and another one is concrete batching plant. The application of engineering concrete batching plants is very common. As an investor in the concrete batching plant production, have you bought a good concrete batching plant? If you want to buy a concrete batching plant with high cost performance, you need to know what the advantages of a good concrete batching plant are. Therefore, in this article, we will mainly discuss the advantages of concrete batching plant.

The Advantages of Concrete Batching Plant

The Structural Features of Concrete Batching Plant

  • The discharge port of the storage silo is large, feeding speed is fast, and the feeding time is short. One batch of feeding can produce one truck of concrete, the cylinder action frequency is small, and the using life is long.
  • The amount of material added by the storage bin to the measuring hopper does not affect the accuracy of the batching. The batching time and the lifting time are combined into one, the storage bin feeds into the measuring hopper for a short time, and the batching time and lifting time are longer. Therefore, the sensor has sufficient stable response time, the ingredient overshoot is small, and the lifting load is small.
  • The speed of the conveyor belt is controlled by a computer and a frequency converter to achieve soft start and stop with less impact and less belt stickiness. Various aggregates are discharged, mixed and lifted evenly within a fixed time. Using frequency converter to adjust the speed can realize high precision batching in a short time.

The Components of Concrete Batching Plant

The concrete batching plant consists of central twin-shaft concrete mixer, PLD series batching machine.

The Advantages of Concrete Batching Plant

  • High batching precision. It using frequency conversion technology to realize coarse and fine mixing of various materials. The coarse mixing reaches 90-95% of the required dosage, and the fine mixing achieves a mixing accuracy better than 0.5%.
  • High reliability. The frequency of cylinders and other moving parts is low, and the reducer also avoids the impact of hard start because of the inverter control with low failure rate and high reliability.
  • High productivity guarantee and high performance. It has the performance of a mixing plant, but the price is only half of mixing plant.
  • The practical data management system saves the production data of the mixing plant in real time. It has strong combined query and various report output functions, and automatically prints delivery notes.

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