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Concrete Batching Plant: 3 things need to know

Whatever suits you is the best. This principle is suitable for anywhere, and it is same as selecting the concrete batching plant that you would like to build. Some customers only concern about price. Actually, expensive price and cheap price are not good criteria for selecting concrete batching plants. As long as concrete batching plant that you select satisfy your requirement, than you are able to choose some with better price. Therefore, in this article, I will provide some suggestions about how to build a concrete batching plant for the concrete mixing plant users. There are three things you need to know about:

Concrete Batching Plant 3 things need to know

Site of Concrete Batching Plant Selection

In this case of construction sites are scattered, the distance between the construction sites should not too far away. The conveying radius distance of the concrete truck is better not more than half an hour's drive time and the dump truck's conveying radius distance is better not more than ten minutes' drive time. It is better to use multi-work centralized mixing site to improve the utilization rate of the concrete batching plant and the economic benefits of construction.

Concrete Batching Plant Equipment Selection

  • When the construction site requires a large amount of pouring, and the quality of concrete is high, and there is no concrete batching plant nearby that can be reinforced. In this case, it is better to select two concrete batching plants with smaller specifications, or select a dual-mixer configuration with one main and one pair;
  • When the traffic on the construction site is inconvenient and it takes a lot of time for construction workers to go in and out the construction site, it is better to select a dual-mixed concrete batching plant with the similar specifications to ensure the progress of the construction.
  • In general, manufacturers have mature product combinations, such as configurations, quantities, models, etc. You can put forward your special requirements or configurations when ordering products. However, when purchasing products, you must not be greedy for everything; in this case, this will cause unnecessary waste in the investment

The Stuff of Concrete Batching Plant Selection

Generally, a small concrete batching plant has a simpler structure and control system. The requirement is lower for operation and maintenance stuff. However, the larger concrete batching plant has a complex structure and a high degree of automation, so the requirements for operators are higher. Therefore, you should consider this factor in addition to the previous factors when purchasing a concrete batching plant.

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Camelway Machinery Group has established construction since 1983, it holding multiple subsidiaries around world. It is a profession concrete batching plant manufacturer which is able to ship product all over the world. Camelway is able to customize your unique concrete batching plant by your requirement. Therefore, if you have any question about concrete product, feel free to contact us, and we will reply your request as soon as possible.


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