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Weighing system and electric control system for 25 m³ concrete batching plant

Weighing system for 25 m3 concrete batching plant:

This concrete batching plant is equipped with a double lever weighing system,respectively for cement weighing and aggregate weighing.The working principle is that the weighing hopper will transfer material to the steel belt on the level dial through three lever-lever.Pull the cam rotation, so that the sector gear drive pinion rotation,pointer fixed on the pinion also rotates with the regular rotation and it indicates the weighing value on the dial.The rotation of the pinion drives the potentiometer to rotate, and the potentiometer output voltage is compared with the voltage value of the operating panel of the operational amplifier circuit. When the voltage of the operating panel is greater than the output voltage of the potentiometer, the bucket door opens and starts weighing; When the voltage is balanced, the weighing is finished. Accuracy of the weighing system: aggregate accuracy is 2%,cement accuracy is 1%, water and additives accuracy is 1% and is calculated by volume.

Electric control system for 25 m3 concrete batching plant:

The system is powered by an external power supply (380V), and all control buttons and selector switches are mounted on the control panel for centralized control. The measurement of various materials is through their respective sensors to send signal to console, the console internal analog circuits and digital circuits process the signal and display digital, and send out control signals.The measurement control box control the whole machine, and the electromagnetic valve control the Cylinder and cylinder rubber diaphragm valves operate the opening and closing of the machines to achieve the purpose of automatic measurement. Air system is equipped with an air compressor which displacement is 0.3 m3/ min and gas storage tank, solenoid valve, cylinder and so on. The action of the cylinder is directly controlled by the solenoid valve to control the opening and closing of the cylinder.


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