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Sustainability issues for concrete batching plant in concrete production in the UK

Concrete batching plant is widely used in construction project nowadays. Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials in the world, which plays a vital role in many aspects of everyday life - from the buildings we work and live in, to the roads, bridges and railways that transport us. It is a key element in the social and economic well being of us all.

There is a report indicates that: In 2007, around 23.5 million cubic meters of ready-mixed concrete and 38 million tonnes of precast concrete products were produced. Depending on its use, different methods of manufacture are practiced and a variety of raw materials used.

According to the statistics of the report:

Approximately 40% of aggregates quarried and dredged in the UK are used for making concrete

Aggregates for concrete are sourced locally throughout the UK from hundreds of highly

regulated operations

There were 14 cement plants in the UK in 2007 supplying 90% of the country’s needs

Both ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS), a by-product of iron manufacture, and fly ash, a by-product of electricity generation, are used as cementitious materials

Reinforcing bar for concrete construction produced in the UK is manufactured from recycled steel

Admixtures are added to concrete to optimize its performance.Concrete is a mixture of aggregates, water and cementitious materials

Most concrete is supplied as either ready-mixed or as precast products

Nearly 1,000 ready-mixed concrete plants throughout the country supply quality assured concrete

The local nature of ready-mixed concrete supply is illustrated by the average delivery distance of eight km

There are around 800 precast concrete factories throughout the UK.

This means that there are awide range of sustainability issues to consider throughout life cycle of concrete:

The production and transport of raw materials

The long term management of our operations and the restoration of our mineral extraction sites

The production and transport of ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete products

The process of constructing concrete buildings and other structures

The operational performance of concrete buildings and structures during use

The reuse, recycling and disposal of concrete from end of life buildings and structures.

We have considered all of these stages in the life cycle when developing our sustainable construction strategy.But more important,we also considered the environment friendly factors of the concrete batching plant in the producing of concrete materials.

If you are also considering about to build such a high quality concrete batching plant,please feel free to contact us to get price and technology support!


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