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25 cubic meter concrete batch plant for sale in Qatar

25 cubic meters concrete batch plant is a kind of small concrete batching plant that is widely used in construction,bridge,road building,railway and water conservancy project or ready mixed or precast concrete products manufacturing factories.Nowadays,it is the most widely used model type for most customers,especially for some concrete products factories or countryside buildings.

Lubricating of the whole concrete batching plant: 1)Add lubricating suitable viscosity oil to every part of the concrete batching plant in time according to the concrete batching plant spare parts lubricating introduction. 2)Keep enough lubricating amount.The amount of oil added into the oil box should reach the suitable level. Oil added to the rolling bears moving at high speed should be proper,otherwise, too much or too little oil will lead to the high heat and damage of the machine.3)Keep the lubricating oil cleans without dust and oil.4)Change new lubricating oil in the oil box according to the spare parts introduction. Clean the oil box with kerosene when change the lubricating oil.5)Keep the hole and box of the oil closed to prevent the invasion of dust, debris and other cooling concentrate. If you want to know more information about the 25 cubic meter concrete batch plant for sale in Qatar, please feel free to contact us or leave a message.And we will reply for your queries as soon as possible within 24 hours.



  • Ibrahim C. BahIbrahim***

    Requesting a quote for a concrete batching plant with 20m^3 per hour and a concrete mixer with 5m^3 per batch. 

    2 years ago
  • Aklilu AlemsegedAklilu ***

    Price quotation for Concrete batching plant of capacity 25 m3/hr, for commercial purpose

    2 years ago
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