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Difference between tilting mixer and non-tilting mixer for the batch mixers

Batch mixers may be further classified as tilting and non-tilting,according to the method used in discharging the mixed concrete. In the tilting mixer, the batch is discharged by tilting the drum and allowing it to flow out. The non-tilting mixer discharges by an inclined chute which extends into the interior of the drum and catches the concrete as it falls from the blades at the top.

The selection of the kind of discharging is largely a matter of individual preference. The tilting mixer will discharge the entire batch at one operation, or part of it as required. The non-tilting mixer discharges in a steady stream, and by withdrawing the chute, the delivery is made intermittent. The adherents of the tilting type maintain that tilting is the quickest and best way to empty a mixer drum, just as it is the quickest and best method of emptying a water pail. On the other hand, it requires more power to tilt a drum containing several hundred pounds of wet concrete. The non- til ting type has met with considerable popularity on jobs requiring intermittent delivery of the concrete. A machine without tilting can be installed in a lower position between the frames, and the corresponding hopper is lower.


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