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Difference Between Continuous Mixing Plant and Batch Mixing Plant

The concrete batching plant is divided to a continuous mixing plant and a batch mixing plant according to the stirred form. Overall concrete batching plant is consist of a cement bin, a conveyor, a PLD batching machine, a twin-shaft concrete mixer and other components.

batch mixing plant first puts raw materials into the mixer hopper in ratio, and then mix, its feed and discharge systems are carried out in a certain cycle. Although its production not larger than the continuous mixing station, it has some advantages of high system configuration, high accuracy, high reliability, high productivity, and high cost performance.

Continuous mixing plants are putting different material in the hopper, and the computer will control mixing ratio by setting the configuration, and its feed and discharge are continuous. This mixing station has high stability, low maintenance cost, low place occupancy, low fault, low wear, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and high production.

Difference Between Continuous Mixing Plant and Discrete Mixing Plant

Advantages of Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant

  • The central mixer is working stably. The delivery system has no batch-free puzzle to ensure stable operation of the mixer.
  • Less space takes. The storage hopper and site area get reduced.
  • Low wear rate. No shock during the mixing, and the amount of mixing is small.
  • Less energy consumption. The power is small, so the energy consumption is reduced.
  • Low maintenance costs. Structural parts are not complicated, the belt is short, and the work is stable.

Advantages of Batch Concrete Mixing Plant

  • The discharge is fast, the feed time is small, and once the material adding, it can produce lots of concrete.
  • The cylinder has a low frequency, so the using life is long.
  • The computer and inverter control beltโ€™s stop and begin which is smoothly and less impact.

Please contact us if you need continuous or batch concrete mixing plant equipment, and we will accurately configure the building plan according to your production needs, and give a detailed equipment quotation.


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