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Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale

Continuous concrete mixing plant is a new type of construction equipment that is different from traditional batch mixing plant. The continuous mixing plant puts different materials into the designated hopper, and the computer digital control sends the aggregate to the mixing cylinder for mixing according to the set proportion. Its features can be summarized as "continuous measuring, continuous feeding, continuous mixing and continuous discharging". It has the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, small external dimensions, easy operation, maintenance and relocation. The common concrete mixing plant in the market is mostly batch mix concrete plants, such as HZS series concrete mixing plant.

Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale

Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant for Sale

The production capacity of continuous concrete mixing plant is large, which is more economical at 120-200 cubic meters per hour due to the process characteristics, and it is suitable for large volume concrete production, such as continuous concrete paving road, dam and other projects with high requirements for construction continuity; and since road and dam projects are often accompanied by stable soil or dry hard low grade concrete, the machine can be used for such projects at the early stage of construction. For the mixing of mixed materials, only one intermediate hopper needs to be added, and the primary mixing can meet the requirements. The uninterrupted continuous mixing greatly improves the production efficiency, reduces the investment per unit and the equipment failure rate and energy consumption, and the investment is at least 1/3 less than the batch mixing plant with comparable production capacity.

Composition of Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant 

  1. Sand and gravel system: It includes three sand and gravel hoppers, which can be two or four according to different requirements, and are used to measure and feed sand and gravel. Each gravel hopper consists of aggregate hopper, load cell, reducer, feeding belt and ancillary equipment.
  2. Powder system: it consists of a storage bin, storage bin butterfly valve, lifting screw, metering bin, disk feeder and other parts. The powder storage silo includes the main silo and the secondary silo, with a single volume of 100T-300T, the main silo and the secondary silo are equipped with automatic arch-breaking device, material level signal indicating device, and the powder storage silo is also equipped with dust removal system.
  3. Water and additive system: It consists of additive tank, pond, pumping station, water and additive weighing hopper and pipeline.
  4. Transfer-mixing-storage system: it consists of a belt conveyor, mixer and mixer frame. Sand and gravel are loaded onto the belt from the batching machine into the mixer. The fly ash and cement are fed directly into the mixer by the disk feeder and aggregate screw on the metering bin.
  5. Low-voltage electric apparatus and automatic control system: including power cabinet, sensor and control center.

Concrete mixing plant process

Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant Process

  • After the production starts, the raw materials will start batching according to the distance from the inlet of the mixer, and reach the mixing cylinder at the same time; 
  • The materials will enter into the inlet of the mixer according to the proportion; 
  • The mixer will move forward while gyrating, and the materials will become the finished product from the inlet to the outlet; 
  • After the production of a continuous concrete mixing plant reaches the preset quantity, the materials will stop according to the distance from the inlet of the mixer. The batching, mixing and discharging of the concrete mixing plant is continuous from the start of production to the end of production.

Batch Mixing Concrete Plant Process

The process flow of the batch mixing plant is: the raw material no larger than the mixing capacity of the mixer is prepared first, and then put into the mixer to mix. After mixing, it will be unloaded into the transport truck.

Features of Continuous Concrete Mixing Plant

  • High output and high efficiency: continuous and smooth working, the stand-alone output of the continuous mixing plant is high.
  • Mixing evenly: the mixture into the mixer is even material, the mixing process in the mixer is mixing and hydration process, so the mixing time can be shortened.
  • No slurry leakage, less wear and tear: the inlet side of the continuous mixer is dry material and the two shaft ends are equipped with counter-screws, so there is no slurry leakage. Therefore, there is no slurry leakage problem. The mixer does not have high requirements for wear-resistant materials.
  • Low fault: The number of start-up and shut-down times of the continuous mixer plant are only 1/7-1/3 of that of the gap type plant, so the plant has a long service life and low fault probability.

If you need to invest in continuous or batch mixing plant, please contact us by phone or email, the main models of Camelway Concrete Mixing Plant are: 25, 35, 60, 90, 120, 180 and 240 plants. We will configure the plant according to your production requirements and give you a detailed quotation.


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