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Concrete Block Plant for sale in Australia

Concrete Block Plant in Sydney, Australia

Camelway Concrete Block Plant is a recognized professional in the supply of concrete batching plants for various product manufacturing projects, which have successfully launched the first delivered Block manufacturing plant in Sydney, Australia.

Block Factory price

With the opening of a new Block Factory by the largest Concrete Block Plant on the Australia, a new round of advanced technology concrete block production has begun. Throughout its long history, the customer company follows the principle of introducing innovative products and technologies, which soon led to the status of an industry leader in the production market concrete pipes price Australia. After just a few months of successful operation of the new Block Machine plant, the company ordered a second similar Block Machine plant from CAMELWAY for a new Block Machine factory in Melbourne.

concrete block plant for sale in australia

Concrete Block Plant for concrete mxier

The new Block Machine plant in Sydney implements an innovative process for making reinforced Concrete Block Plant : the dry vibrating method. The stationary Block Machine plant has been carefully designed according to the requirements for the production of structural concrete. Thus, the Pan Concrete Mixer 500/750L with a powerful gearbox of the European brand provides a high-quality homogeneous mixture, which is also facilitated by the pressurized water supply system through the nozzles. Built-in sampling device concrete samples make it possible to control the quality of the mix, and the Pan Concrete Mixer washing system keeps the mixer clean, which simplifies the daily maintenance of the Block Machine. Surveillance cameras allow you to monitor the process of the Concrete Block Plant.

Block Machine equipment

Based on the results of commission inspections, the Block Machine equipment meets all the standards established for the new block factory. The entire complex of equipment has been successfully commissioned, where various sizes of concrete block are already being manufactured.


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