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Belt type 60 m³ concrete batching plant working tips

Try to ensure the belt of the 60 m3concrete batching plant work symmetrically, so that the belt can be worn evenly. At the same time, the contact length between the rubber blade of the cleaner and the conveyor belt shall not be less than 85% of the width of the conveyor belt. Replace when worn out.

The conveyor belt will be out of shape due to the tension or climate change when the concrete batching has worked for a period of time.This will cause the slipping between the belt and the electric drum. We can add the rosin powder or slippery oil to increase the friction between the belt and the electric drum and also adjust the tension device appropriately, so that it can force enough friction between the belt and the electric drum to meet the productivity requirement. It should be cut when the belt reaches enough tension and be re-connected with belt buckle.

Due to foundation collapse, frame bearing deformation, the impact of materials and installation etc. various factors,such impact may cause the belt deviation phenomenon. If the belt deviation of the 60m3 belt type concrete batching plant is caused by the none perpendicular between the roller center line and the belt center line,the position of the drum can be adjusted by the tense mechanism to correct the belt.


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