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Concrete Batching Plant Types

About Concrete Batching Plant

What is concrete batching plant? What is used for? How does it work? For the new concrete construction industry, probably the answer of these questions you would like to know. A concrete batching plant is industry equipment that mixer all kinds of ingredients to become concrete. Some of these ingredients or materials include water, cement, admixtures, aggregate, sand, etc. And a concrete batching plant has several parts: central mixer, cement batchers, conveys, cement bins, cement silos, controllers, etc.

Concrete Batching Plant Types

Concrete Batching Plant Types

    Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

    Stationary concrete batching plant is designed for produce large production. And it is used for long term projects such as roads, bridges, dams, and building. Stationary concrete batching plant has advantages of high productivity, high efficiency, and high energy saving.

    Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

    The main feature of mobile concrete batching plant is portable. Operator is able to batch concrete at any location they want, and then they could move to other place to process batching. Therefore, mobile concrete batching plant is a best choice if your project does not locate in one place.

    Small Concrete Batching Plant

    Even small Concrete Batching Plant is a small scale plants, but it has a whole complete set of equipment. It has more accurate rate of production because small capacity is able to lead to mixing well. It has benefits of low cost, low land using.

    Dry Mix Concrete Batching Plant

    Dry mix concrete batching plant does not equip with central mixer. However, it use concrete mix truck to mix concrete. It has advantages of low price, low maintenance cost.

    Continuous Mixing Plant

    Continuous mixing plant, as known as stabilized soil mixing plant, is able produce higher production, but the mixing error of sand aggregate is a little bit higher than others. And it is used for road project such as airport runways, roads, etc.

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Camelway has all kinds of concrete batching plant, and we will customize plant by your request. You could go to our concrete batching plant page to see the detailed introduces.


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