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The management system about concrete mixer equipment

The management system about concrete mixer equipment The management,use and maintenance of concrete mixer should be done with institutionalization, standardization,and according to the current implementation of the relevant provisions of the State to establish rules and regulations, such as; facilities management, security regulations, procedures, job responsibilities and test equipment system regularly.2, There should be full-time professional equipment management and maintenance personnel responsible for the whole process of handling production machinery and equipment, testing maintenance work, the establishment of machinery and equipment accounting, prepare for repairing and maintenance plans and maintenance records.3, Inspect the mainly machinery and equipment (mixing truck, pumping vehicles) to ensure the project at a normal rate, which should be maintenance regularly, repair or replacement parts and make records.4, The operator should have professional training certificates (mixing, pumping staff).5, The concrete mixing equipment shall be kept clean and in good condition to ensure the cleanness of control system instruments, electronic sensors and mechanical lever actuators.6, Establishing the safety inspection system to achieve safe and civilized production, maintain mechanical equipment, keep vehicle itself clean.


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