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Buy good large capacity concrete mixer machine in Pakistan

Large capacity is widely used in various kinds of large,medium and small precast concrete factory or bridge,road,railway or water conservancy project. It has the characters of stable mixing, compact structure, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, easy operation and short cycle time,etc.

Good large capacity concrete mixer machine selection criteria:

1. Good mechanical properties, complete parts, the whole process of running the various parts of the transmission system is smooth, no abnormal sound.

2. The concrete mixer machine don't have leakage phenomenon, no mixing stone within the mixer drums, no deformation of mixed leaves and mixing arm. The connection of the stirring arm and stirring leaves is firmly,and no loosening phenomenon.Gap between the mixing leaves and lining should be controlled at 3 ~ 6mm.

3. Gearbox, water tank, water box and other water supply systems are normal, measurement is correct, and no water leakage phenomenon.

4. Hopper running track is straight, and hopper limit system is sensitive and reliable, hopper door can be opened freely, intact insurance is complete.The hopping wire rope broken wire and corrosion does not exceed the standard, hoist motor has no sound and has good braking performance.

5. Discharge mechanism is easy to operate, the material can be discharged quickly, the discharge gate and the mixing of the tank are excellent,and no leakage phenomenon.

6. Electrical system is easy to operate and in a good grounding condition. The operation of the switch doesn't have power leakage phenomenon, electrical box should be locked completely.

7. Machine appearance is clean, tidy, good lubrication condition and no deformation of the support frame.


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