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The CamelWay was built machine spent sending employees to participate in the electricity business training

After the completion of CamelWay, sending employees to participate in the electricity business training Zhengzhou CamelWay Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was founded in 1983, as this year has been 32 years of history in the construction machinery industry, with strong technical force, a large user community, in particular concrete mixers, concrete mixing stand called leadership position in the industry.But precisely because once brilliant, excessive dependence on traditional sales model. Let us not pay attention to new sales channels ---- electricity supplier. In support of senior leadership, in early 2015 the electricity business department was established.Today, half a year has passed, with little success, input-output ratio is poor. In this case, the company leadership reiterated: electricity, foreign trade is the strategic direction of the company, not because of momentary gains and losses and give up.And in 2015.10 .15 days we decided to participate in the cost of 8,000 yuan per person carbaryl science and technology training course organized electricity supplier.Electricity providers, the development of foreign trade, are the CamelWay built-in the strategic direction of the new machine age, is to change the status quo of the CamelWay company's key.The road twists and turns, ups and downs difficult, but the CamelWay of people with the joys and sorrows, promising to blaze a new trail.CamelWay Construction Machinery official website: www.zzccjj.cnThe CamelWay was built machine outside the network: www.camelwaygroup.comCamelWay Construction Machinery mining equipment: www.zhengshengchina.com

After the completion of camel Road, send employees to participate in e-commerce training with machines


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