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Remote operation of controlling system

Remote operation of controlling system With the development of technology, it is not a problem that the production time of concrete batching plant can be operated remotely. Just give concrete batching plant a good controlling system, when performing remote operations can bring good experience.Controlling system quality of concrete batching plant you can count on guard to plant all of your plant operations visibility, and dashboards via e-mail. Material sequencing to ensure quality load after load sequencing to provide a stable, reliable and predictable concrete homogeneous good. The number of hybrid design is significantly decreased, while reducing potential errors by using the hybrid design (modifier composition) capability. Control system for remote operation of concrete batching plants: With the lower volume remote batching plant can be operated safely, reliably and cost-effective at any time from different locations. The remote client allows three additional concurrent remote users to monitor, adjust, mix design management, diagnose and troubleshoot the plant anytime, anywhere!Your online connection with the concrete mixing station, friendly and knowledgeable service professionals command ALKON assistance and troubleshooting, software installation, modification factory automation.


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