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ready mixed concrete batching plant production procedure and technology

Ready mixed concrete batching plant is a concrete mixing centralized station that mixing premixed commercial concrete uniformly and transported to one or several construction site for pouring in concrete trucks.Ready mixed concrete batching plant can enhance the quality of concrete and achieve better economic benefits.

The ready mixed concrete batching plant can be divided into single-stage batching plant and two-stage batching plant according to its composition in the vertical mode.

In the single-stage ready mixed concrete batching plant, the raw material is transferred through the belt conveyor, screw conveyor and other transportation equipment,then transferred to the storage silo after hoisting, and then rely on the weight into the weighing and mixing process. In this process, the time it takes for raw materials to be transferred from one process to the next is short.It has the characters of high efficiency, high degree of automation, small mixing station coverage, making it suitable for specialized prefabricated plants and large-scale concrete products supply mixing station.

In the two-stage ready mixed concrete batching plant, once the raw material is raised, the material will move into the hopper by weight,when calculated by weighing ingredients, the material will be hoisted again into the mixer. This batching plant building height is small and it needs simple transportation equipment, less investment, construction, but the efficiency and automation degree are relatively low.Most temporary concrete mixing stations on construction sites are built-in this type.


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