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Procedure to build a small concrete batching plant

With the rapid development of the construction industry of the country, many customers planned to build a small concrete batching plant.Followings are some technical analysis and tips according to the experience of design, manufacturing,installation,test and after sale maintenance of CamelWay Machinery.

1. Before the determining of investment on a small scale concrete batching plant,the user should do a good overall planning based on the construction capacity and the amount of engineering procurement of concrete batching plants. Such as, if the duration of the project is about 1 year, then you should select 1-1.5 m3 capacity concrete mixer.

2. When choosing the installation site of the concrete batching plant,ensure the venue distance from the raw material supply to the concrete batching plant. Keep away from residential areas, make full use of terrain and avoid the main power supply, communications, military and other optical cable.

3.The choice of loading hopper,belt conveyor feeding machine,cement silo requirement and the length of the screw conveyor of the small concrete batching plant can also improve the reliability and working life of the concrete batching plant.

4. Weighing type of a complete small concrete batching plant should be decided according to the different construction requirements.

5. Make an overall assessment on the situation of several manufacturers,such as the scale of production, production capacity, product quality and service, on-site inspection of the prototype, the use of units of reference, and the actual quality level of the equipment.

6. Communicate directly with the factory personnel before the signing of the contract. If you have any special requirements,you should suggest directly to facilitate the manufacturers to develop a reasonable design.The user should make instructions to manufacturers based on their actual situation,so that manufacturers can carry out a variety of layout programs to avoid the loss caused by the user.

7. Manufacturers will arrange the installation and test to make sure the concrete batching plant can work well. The operator should pay attention to the maintenance and spare parts management to enhance the working efficiency and working life.


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