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Operation safety of commercial concrete batch plant

Power standard of commercial concrete batch plant:

The whole commercial concrete batch plant adopts 380V, 50HZ three-phase four-wire system (TN-S) power supply.

Duty of commercial concrete batch plant operator:

Control the operation of the commercial concrete batch plant. Operators should be trained professionally, they should be calm down and react in time when operation.

Commercial concrete batch plant working parts:

Working parts of the commercial concrete batch plant mainly consist of the concrete mixer machine,flat belt conveyor, inclined belt conveyor,etc. When they are working, please keep away from them.

Operation and check of the commercial batch plant control system:

1.Never conducting work in thunder and storm day, cut off the power and system.

2. Never overloading for the concrete mixer machine and conveyor belt.

3. Store statistics regularly.

4. After replacing the sensor, the scale must be re-calibrated.

5. Close the power switch in the power cabinet and other required circuit breaker, close the door, rotate the universal voltage switch on the door to observe whether the phase voltage is normal.


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