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The function of individual equipment of concrete batching plant

The function of individual equipment of a concrete batching plant Concrete batching plant is composed of concrete mixer, batching machine. And every machine is different, so as to the effect makes the concrete by a certain percentage of ingredients, and then as a certain process mixing and stirring, and finally produce a device with certain properties of concrete. From the function, concrete batching plant can be composed of the following parts:1.Storage bins: store sand, stone, cement, water and other materials, to feed batching machine;2.Batching machine: According to a certain proportion of sand and other materials, mainly composed by a variety of scales, but also using a volumetric flow measurement equipment sometimes;3.Lifting motor: Mainly used to enhance Aggregates;4.Concrete mixer: Mixing the all raw materials, and finally formed into concrete;5.Controlling system: control various parts and carry out the production process.The operator should understand the working performance and function of the concrete batching plant. So when problems arise, he can identify and exclude timely and correctly.We must be very clear about the function of the control system and the individual parts of the concrete batching plant. Only in this way, we can handle emergency situations in time and avoid operating error resulting in equipment damages and materials loss.


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