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How to choose the aggregate for the concrete batching plant

It needs powder material,aggregate,water and external additives for the mixing in the concrete batching plant.The aggregate includes a coarse aggregate such as pebbles and graves,and fine aggregate and sandstone.The role of aggregate in concrete is as a filling material for loose skeleton or particles.

At the same stone strength,the surface of gravel is larger than a pebble and has a stronger bond with cement mortar than a pebble.As a result, crushed stone is usually used as coarse aggregate for commercial concrete batching plant during construction.But the concrete ratio should be controlled within a reasonable range to ensure the concrete has a higher volume stability and durability, and reduce the slurry heat, shrinkage and other adverse effects.

The choice of fine aggregate should be preferred coarse and medium river sand as well.The fine sand is finer and the particle content is rich. In the case of the same ratio of water to cement, much more cement is used to mix fine concrete than coarse sand, which reduces its compressive strength and has relatively poor frost resistance and wear resistance.


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