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Factors should be considered when plan HZS50 project concrete batching plant site

HZS50 project concrete batching plant is a small kind of concrete batching plant built beside the construction project that can produce 50 cubic meters concrete per hour. Nine factors should be considered when planning the HZS50 project concrete batching plant site.

1. Make full use of the terrain conditions, make every effort to compact layout, save land area.

2. Being in line with the process, try to avoid flow-shop.

3. The distance between the building and components should meet the production, fire, environmental protection, health and lighting requirements.

4. Living facilities should be arranged on the upwind in the factory area.

5. Leave enough concrete transport vehicle operating site before the HZS50 project concrete batching plant.

6. The laboratory, scheduling room should be set near the main channel of the project batching plant and the plant gate as far as possible .

7. Water pool and concrete recycling station should be arranged near the project concrete batching plant.

8. The field drainage ditch should be in the form of open channel, and the sand settling chamber should be set up before filling into the municipal pipe network.

9. Prepare adequate site area for the concrete mixer truck parking lot.


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  • Fausto tivelliFausto ***

    necesito saber el costo de una planta de hormigΓ³n elaborado de 50 m3 hora,con el montaje y puesta en marcha!!gracias  

    4 years ago
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