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The advantage of HZS50 concrete batching plant’s mixer machine JS1000 concrete mixer

The advantage of HZS50 concrete batching plant's mixer machine JS1000 concrete mixer The specific advantage of JS1000 concrete mixer as followings:HZS50 concrete batching plant need less space, and can save half and even two thirds of the area when compared with other concrete batching plants; It can be installed as steel girder type or fixed type, which takes just few hours to unload from the truck and then install of the steel girder type concrete batching plant, but it only takes 2-4 days complete the preparation of pre-production for HZS50-JS1000.Stirring platform, metering platform and lifting platform fully guarantee the required verification, inspection and maintenance of equipment. HZS50-JS1000 concrete batching plant using the hoist way hopper and unique design track, can bloom and dump aggregate easily and efficiently, and greatly reducing the space occupied area.The investment of HZS50-JS1000 is less, and takes up little space, using less equipment, easy maintenance, can be equipped with a separate control room, so making the device easy to operate.


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