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Specifications and model types of concrete batching plant for projects

Concrete batching plant for the project refers to the concrete mixing station built next to the construction project. Mainly used for a project, to meet the specific requirements of the project. So the structure is quite simple.

Main types of the concrete batching plant for the project are HZS35 concrete batching plant, HZS50 concrete batching plant, HZS60 concrete batching plant,HZS75 concrete batching plant and HZS90 concrete batching plant. JS750,JS1000 and JS1500 forced concrete batching plant are usually chose as the main concrete mixture machine in such concrete batching plant for projects. If you want this concrete batching plant to be used for several projects,you can choose JS2000 and JS3000 concrete mixture machines that have higher productivity.

Concrete batching plant for projects can produce plastic concrete,hand and dry concrete, semi-hard and semi-dry concrete and various other mixing ratio concrete.This concrete batching plant is usually built for own construction project, which is slightly lower configuration and can be relatively save a number of costs. This concrete batching plant for project also occupies little construction land area, so that it is easy to install. 


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