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Cement Screw Conveyor for Sale

Screw Conveyors are used for conveying cement and various materials similar to cement. They are made of carbon steel with a corresponding exterior finish and powder paint finish. It is a tubular casing with at least one inlet and outlet and with welded end rings. There is a rotary screw with a connecting sleeve inside the casing. The rotating screw is supported by two end bearings with a set of long life shims mounted directly on the end rings, as well as intermediate bearings (depending on the length of the screw).

Cement Screw ConveyorCement Screw ConveyorScrew ConveyorScrew Conveyor 2

Characteristics & Advantages

  1. High quality powder coating
  2. 7 options for outer pipe diameters
  3. The outer tube of the screw is equipped with welded end rings (flanges), one inlet and one outlet. There are inspection hatches under the first inlet and under each intermediate bearing
  4. There are lifting eyebolts on each section of the auger
  5. Electric motor with flange connection
  6. Small size and compact installation
  7. Few parts and spare parts
  8. Long service life
  9. Does not require maintenance
  10. Easy installation process thanks to universal necks
  11. Excellent value for money

Options and accessories

Different lengths and diameters

Different types of loading and unloading necks

Additional inspection window

Additional bearings

Discharge drive side



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