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What is the difference between a mobile concrete mixing plant and a stationary concrete plant?

Here are a few points that you may observe when you see the mobile vs stationary batching plants.

1.Basically, the obvious different is that the mobile concrete mixing plant is movable, it can be easy transported to another project site, which is more convenient, while the stationary concrete plant is fixed.

2.Mobile concrete mixing plant is usually utilized for some projects that the land area is limited and the working duration is too short. This is because it can save the transferring time.While most stationary concrete batching plant is utilized for commercial concrete producing company or large scale that has longer working duration.

3.All stationary mixers are big in size and serve higher volumes of concrete, while the mobile mixers are small and compact.

4.If the requirement of concrete consumption is high, the fixed mixing plant shall be installed. The rate of production and the quality of concrete produces is better in comparison to a mobile concrete mixing plant. Mobile concrete mixing plant are used for small batches that are spread all over the site or if there is a small concrete requirement.

5.In general,mobile concrete mixing plant is relatively more expensive than the stationary ones.

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