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Operation of forced type concrete mixture machine

Check the scratching phenomenon of the rotation parts and barrel of the forced concrete mixer. Adjust timely if there is the scraping phenomenon.Clean the debris inside the cartridge. The direction of rotation of the stirring shaft shall be indicated at the end of the cylinder. The metal or other debris in the loaded concrete material must be removed. Adjust the agitator timing according to the agitation time. Note that it must be adjusted under power off. Press the start button, the spindle will drive the mixing shovel operation. Automatic shutdown after settling time.

Stop work before discharging, open my lock pin, move the handle so that the barrel spin to a certain position, and then make the locking pin positioning rotation spindle, so that the mixture can be moved out of the tube. After mixing material is discharged, the cylinder is reset manually, and the stirring cylinder is positioned with the locking pin. Clean the cartridge and the water can be poured into the cartridge to rotate the spindle and rinse it with dry sand.


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