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Matters need attention when using concrete mixer machine

1. When users using the new concrete mixer should accord to specification requirements, check each system and component of concrete mixer item by item, if necessary, users can operate the concrete mixer. When concrete mixer running empty, users should check concrete mixer drum and mixing blades direction. After confirming concrete mixer all systems and components normally operate.

2. Fixed concrete mixer should plate onto the firm flat. If users will use concrete mixer machine for a long time, users should cover the bolts under the ground. If the concrete mixer using time is short, users can install the concrete mixer on the sleepers.

3. For the mobile concrete mixer should install on a flat and hard ground, and ensure the tires on a level ground without any pressure. If using time more than three months or even more, users should remove the tires and do some maintenance works to avoid the tire shaft end rusting.

4. After the concrete mixer started, after the mixing drum speed reaches the normal speed then can feed, adding water after the feeding finished; adding new material must first discharg the original concrete mixer. It's prohibition stopped concrete mixer halfway or starting the concrete mixer when full load, unless the reversal discharging.

5. During operating concrete mixer, do not drop sand and gravel into the machine in order to avoid damaging the concrete mixer machine.When the hopper rises, it's prohibited someone through or stays concrete mixing plant, in order to avoid brake failure accidents. If users have to clean and check the concrete mixer under the hopper, users should stop the concrete mixer and firmed the hopper by insurance chain.


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