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Concrete mixer machine types and price in Oman

Concrete mixer machine is the mixing machine for cement,sandstone and aggregate, and water usually used in the construction project, such as building,bridge,road and railway.

It is subdivided into self-drop concrete mixing machine and forced concrete mixing machine according to the mixing methods.

According to the setting type, it is divided into stationary concrete mixer and portable concrete mixer.

According to the material discharging method, it is divided into tilting concrete mixer machine and no-tilting concrete mixer machine.

According to the mixer capacity, it is divided into a large concrete mixer (output capacity 1000 liters to 3000 liters),medium concrete mixer(output capacity of 300 liters to 500 liters) and a small concrete mixer (output capacity 50 liters to 250 liters).

The price differs from the type of the concrete mixer. If you want to know the price of each type,please leave us a message or contact online.


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